This is industry-recognized service and course, complying with the Canadian Standards Association regulatory requirements for full and half mask designs of respirators with air purifying cartridges.

Workers who are required to wear a tight-fitting face piece during the course of their normal day to day duties or for emergency response activities should be fit-tested to ensure an effective seal.


Fit Testing Service

To properly be fit-tested, candidates must be clean-shaven, and not eat or drink for a half hour prior to the fitting.

Qualitative fit testing is a pass/fail test method that uses your sense of smell or taste to determine a tight fit or to detect a leakage of the face piece by injecting a bitter or sweet odour into a test area while wearing the mask. 


Mask Fit testing ensures participants are wearing the proper mask size and type for the shape of their face and head.


The CSA stipulates that fit testing must be conducted at least every two years. However be aware that Industry (majority of regulatory bodies) and WorkSafe BC recommend that fit testing be conducted yearly; BC and Industry Employers may require fit re-testing at this frequency.


The model and type of mask preferred/required for testing is essential information at pre-registration. Individuals either bring their own mask to be tested on or can use one of the models available at Can Do Safety. Valid for two years across Canada.

Cost: $52.50 including GST per person. Travel expenses are extra and mutually agreed upon.

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