We help companies achieve compliance for ISNetworld ® RAVS®, ComplyWorks, Avetta (formally PICS) and CanQual.


ISNetworld® Account Management

Customized RAVS® requirements are uploaded directly to your account.

Here is exactly what you get:

  • Accessing your RAVS® Safety Program Matrix, we determine exactly which written programs are required by your owner clients.

  • Adobe PDF format is uploaded directly to ISNetworld ® website

  • A safety consultant then completes the questionnaires required for “each individual” safety program RAVS® section.

  • If any program receives less than 100% passing, we will make any and all required changes at no additional cost to you.

  • Once all submitted written safety programs have received a 100% passing score, we will email you the RAVS® information that was submitted.



ComplyWorks provides relevant compliance with active monitoring solutions across a variety of global industries including Oil & Gas, Transportation, Construction, and Forestry. Focused on the three (3) levels of business, the Employer, the Contractor and the Worker, we provide each level with the tools needed to set, manage, monitor and communicate their compliance needs across every aspect of their business. Filling out ComplyWorks questionnaires can be intimidating and time consuming. We can assist you in the submission of this information and help guide you through the online submission process.


Avetta (Previously Called PICS)

Avetta makes it easy for companies to develop and maintain a world-class prequalification system for managing contractors and vendors. 

Avetta connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors. 


CQN Network

CQN is an information technology company specializing in automated contractor data management and due diligence assurance.



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